Thursday, 2 April 2015

Lucy's Second Birthday

How can it be that time goes so quickly when you have little people.  My baby girl, who I'm sure was only just born a few months ago, is now two.  YES, TWO!   I honestly feel like that has just passed us by in the blink of an eye and there are things that I really can't remember happening - like her crawling.

We've generally had big party, small party, big party, small party, when it comes to birthdays.  When Milly was one she had a huge party and for her second birthday it was just a cake and bbq with friends.  We followed that pattern until she started school, when we gave her a big party for her first year at school and then tapered back after that.  We always celebrate in some way though.

This year Lucy had a small family party.  Her favourite two things in the world are the Bananas in Pyjamas and Peppa Pig.  Let me tell you now - it is a LOT easier to find Peppa Pig toys than it is to find anything Bananas in Pyjamas.  So, Peppa Pig became the focus for her party.  I was determined to do most of it myself this year but I did have help from a few wonderful people, including Deb from Debbas Cakes, who created the cutest Peppa Pig cookies.

Here are some shots from the party and a list of where I got everything to create this cute little table:

Concept, Design, Printables, Tassle Garland and food by MillyBoo Designs
Peppa Pig cookies by Debbas Cakes
Peppa family Pom Poms by Theme It! Party Boxes
Flower garland, paper fans, picket fences and daisy grass mats by Saffy & May
Wooden spoons and lolly scoops by Bespoke Party Products
Timber cake stand by Pine Mountain Timber Company

Easter and Housework

Can you believe that Easter is already here?  Yesterday school finished in Queensland and the start of the Easter break was upon us.  To be honest, it feels like Miss Milly just went back to school and now she is at the end of Term 1.  Yes, ten weeks flew by-  just… like… that.

It is a rainy weekend here this weekend so I am taking the chance to do MillyBoo Designs "housework".  It has been over a year since I last posted on our blog.  Why?  Well, because basically I had forgotten it existed and when I went to look for where I thought it was, I couldn't find it.  Cat was our original blog poster, so I've only really put the one post up.  Now that I know where it is, you can be assured I will be posting more.

Our Easter plans are small, however I have decided to create a little table for my girls using our Easter Owls range and some little treats.  This is going to be a small table.  My girls will be having an Easter Egg Hunt as well so the extra treats really aren't needed!

If you, like me, have decided to throw something together last minute, maybe one of our Easter ranges would make the perfect addition to your table.  Check them out below and if you are interested, email us at or contact us via Facebook.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Little Lucy Turns One!

A first birthday is such a momentous event in someone's life, and yet you are too young to realise it at the time.  In fact, the first year holds so many momentous events that you are too young to remember.  Thankfully we document these amazing milestones in journals or with photographs or video.  For the first child.  By the time number two comes along you are so busy trying to keep both children happy, food on the table as well as a clean house (let's just pretend I didn't even say that) and perhaps try and manage to look like a human being for at least some part of the day.  I will admit that I have missed out on recording some (many) of Lucy's milestones.  When was it that she sat up?  When did she take her first step?  When did the third tooth come through?  Milly on the other hand has a fairly good documentation of at least the first three years of her life.

With that in mind I was determined to make sure that Lucy didn't miss out on a "first birthday to remember" and set about creating a beautiful party for her, months before she was to turn one.  I had memories of tears (mine) at Milly's first birthday, knowing that my baby girl was already one and thought that I would have the same experience with Lucy.  I think I spent so much time trying to ensure that I had everything perfect for the day that I didn't allow myself the time to think about my baby turning ONE!

When Milly turned one I planned her fairy princess garden party and did nearly everything myself except for some backdrop painting which I was lucky enough to have created for me by a very talented friend.  When I look back at it now I cringe at the stuff I did, the food I made, and more than anything, the plates I served it on.  Six years and starting a printables and paperie business has certainly helped me change not only my ideas by my ideals.

This time around I decided to engage some other professionals to help me with some of the other things that I either couldn't do, or found challenging.  I needed more of a stress free (let's be honest - it's never stress free) time leading up to the party so I listed everything I wanted and outsourced the things that would be too taxing.

I made all the printables but had the help of the lovely Jocelyn from Memories are Sweet to create Lucy's name in gold glitter for the bunting and cupcakes.  Jocelyn did an amazing job.  I was so excited to receive my parcel of tiny letters in the mail.

I then talked to Rochelle from A la Roche Party & Printables  about how we could create a tiny topper for Lucy's special cake.  She made the most gorgeous gold glitter topper to match the printables font and it looked so special.  While she was at it she also made one for Milly.  Mil was very excited to see hers in the mail even though it will be another few months before it will get used.

When it came to the food I knew I would be able to handle the baking of most of it, however there are two things that I am not so great at.  The first is the birthday cake.  I've made a couple and they have not been works of art.  I have also tried the style that I was after and having your rose swirls slide off your cake is never good.  I'm very fortunate to know a wonderful cake decorator by the name of Lilliene, from Elle's Cakes, who created gorgeous cakes for both of my girls last year.  I had many discussions with Lil about the colour, icing type and design prior to Lucy's big day and we were so happy with the gorgeous cake that we picked up on the eve of her party.  I also knew that I wanted to decorate some cookies for the big day, but as my wonderful friend and colleague, Cat says, mine always taste like chalk.  So, I talked to Deb from Debba's Cakes about making me some naked cookies that I could then bling up myself.   I will admit that this was so much fun.  I didn't have the hassle of making the cookies (and the disappointment of taking them out of the oven) but I still had all the fun of decorating them!

When I first put Lucy's birthday banner on Facebook I got a lovely message from one of our loyal likers, Wendy from Your Style - dessert and Lolly Buffet Tableware Hire, offering to work with me to help create the perfect tablescape for the littlies.  Wendy and Sheridan provided us with little tables, chairs and tablecloths, as well as the stunning tulle tablecloth (that I honestly did not want to let go of), some cute little suitcases and the beautiful white dishes that the sixlets were in.  Your Style's products helped finish the table perfectly.

Our beautiful cake stands (gold) were made to order by my talented husband from Pine Mountain Timber Company.  Poor Matt had quite a job to do before this party, with creating my stands and then helping get everything else to come together perfectly.  I almost had him paint all of the furniture white. I think I may have been pushing my luck there.

One thing that I wanted for Lucy was a special outfit and I was hoping to find something that matched her printables in some way.  I contacted Sue from Frilly Milly to discuss my needs.  Sue has been another great supporter of ours from the beginning and helped us early on to meet more of our wonderful likers.  I really didn't expect the service that I got from Sue, even though I know how good she is!  Not only did she track down the EXACT matching fabric to my rose printables, but then she designed a dress especially for our little Lucy.  I am so grateful for this and Lucy just looked adorable.

I cannot finish this post without thanking two of my friends for their input into Lucy's party.  Firstly Tonilee provided entertainment for the children through the means of face painting, even creating the perfect design for the same child (mine of course) on more than one occasion.  The kids had so much fun getting their faces painted and Tonilee really did an amazing job.

Finally, the gorgeous images you see here on our page are courtesy of Toni from Toni Snell Photographer.  Not only does Toni take stunning images, but we are also lucky to call her our best friend.  Toni came early on the day to take some shots of the table set up and then took some special shots of our family as we cut the cake and Lucy and her Daddy afterwards.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful friend who also happens to be so talented.

Lucy's very first birthday was such a special day for us all.  She had a wonderful day, stayed up longer than she ever has and began to walk around like she owned the place (and she hasn't stopped).  We are grateful to everyone who helped to make it special, especially our two little girls who make our world complete.

You can see more photos of Lucy's first birthday on our Facebook page.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail!

At MillyBoo Designs we aim to provide digital and printable designs for every occasion. Easter is no exception! We have been busily designing multiple ranges for our customers.

Here is the link to our photos

Every year I create a print to be displayed for the Easter season. This is where the fun loving Easter Bunny drops off his goods every year even magical rabbit poop!* These prints are all customizable and available right now!

I try to avoid too much chocolate at Easter time as we have a 36 year old chocolate monster that eats any form of sugary goodness placed in the fridge. I'd call the police and report this theft but I have a feeling that it might be an inside job.

Friends have suggested that winter pajamas, DVD's, bunny books, craft supplies and toys as options for the Easter Bunny to deliver.  So this year I asked Miss 3 if she would like the Easter Bunny to drop off a Mermaid Barbie. She informed me that I should buy it myself if I wanted it so much and she just wants a chocolate princess egg from Aldi as it is where the Easter Bunny does all of his shopping

So I have made an Easter Garland. I did it on a budget and printed it on plain white paper and strung it together with wool I found in my craft supplies. It looks really nice buy I would suggest if you were going for longevity to print on card. I've hung mine near a sliding door that is open most of the day so my light weight paper flips around, and the only thing more irritating then upside down bunnies is a three year old that screams "EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Quick save the bunnies!" each time she notices one flipped around.

The digital file is available for $3 from our Facebook page (now that I've sold the idea so well). The file is two bunnies per A4 file. As it is a jpeg you can resize the bunnies to be smaller. The pattern is very forgiving for those who are impatient when cutting around things. I was able to do three bunnies at a time, which is probably making MillyBoo Designs printable perfectionist squirm with discomfort. Kelly will cut each and every order out individually and is responsible for all printed orders whereas I'm still trying to master cutting in a straight line.

So don't forget to check out our Facebook page to find out what other goodies and freebies we have for Easter. If you are looking for gifts on a budget we have chocolate wrappers that you can pop over Aldi chocolate bars, these bars are so much cheaper and tastier than crummy Easter Eggs.

Thanks for stopping by,

*poop is neither magical or from a rabbit. It is sultanas and it may be the reason why my child refuses to eat them - thus saving us from the possibility she will inherit her Aunt's habit of sticking them in her ears. (If you live in Scotland Aunty Rara I can say what I like on my blog!)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

DIY - Cookie / Treat bag -

I have started preparing my daughter's birthday party this week. Today she insisted we bake so I thought I'd take advantage of the extra pair of helping hands (by which I mean try and make a very messy situation be more than just a lesson in patience for me, a bonus for the cleaning product industry and an opportunity for flour and sugar to be transported to every surface in the house) by preparing a tutorial.

Step 3 is highly optional. As I waited to see if my cookies were edible I tucked into the chocolate teddies and bagged one up. You could use bought biscuits or even chocolate and sweets.

Step 1: Buy and download a MillyBoo Designs party pack.

Step 2: Print copies of cookie bag toppers

Step 3 :Bake cookies. Use a recipe. Baking is considered a science because measurements should be exact - not highly experimental. If you have had past success creating a tasty batch of cookies consider it luck,  not proof you may be the next Nigella.

Step 4: Cut out toppers. Cut out cardboard if you want extra strength.

Step 5: Put cookies in bag after 'quality assurance' has taken place.  I used size one bags from spotlight.

Step 6: Use sticky tape, double sided tape or staples to hold the bag in place.

Step 7: Eat leftovers. Sharing with the kitchen hand is optional.

Hope this is helpful :)


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy New Year

It's cliché I know, but hasn't time flown this year. We are only a few days away from 2013!!

 I remember this time last year I was at a whole new level of exhaustion after a week of caring for my then 10 month old with an ear infection. This time three days ago I was used to chronic exhaustion but at a new level of vomit catching proficiency after a week of caring for my now 22 month old with gastro. I didn't cope very well with her being so ill. My heart just breaks thinking about other parents that have children in hospital facing bigger things than just a virus. Thank goodness for my partner in printable crime! Kelly was able to keep creating new ranges for all and getting our Etsy store up and running while I was busy wishing I lived in a germ free bubble to keep my family healthy.

Here is the link to  OUR STORE :)

Kelly has also created a free New Years Eve printable pack available from our Facebook page.

There are so many things you can do with this party pack. I can't stay awake past 9 pm but will be making cupcakes for the neighbours and using the cupcake toppers and wraps for instant flair. I was less than organised and didn't give out any Christmas treats this year (I doubt family and friends would appreciate gastro infested cookies), but I am looking forward to putting my kitchen aid to work to create some NYE-awesomeness. I will also use the party hats for a tea party with my daughter and her teddies the next day. She is a party animal. I'd like to think that she will inherit my love for hosting parties but at the moment I think she just likes having an excuse to eat jelly on the floor while wearing a tutu.

So pop on over to our Facebook page and let us know how you are going to celebrate on Monday night.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Free Printables

Hi all! Welcome to the MillyBooDesigns blog.

Kelly and I have been working hard this week creating our first ranges of party printables. Already we have variety of party printables for all occassions on our facebook page to view. We are always looking for more inspiration, so if you have any suggestions for our next project we'd love to hear from you.

To celebrate the school holidays, we have a range of free printables available for download from . Included this month is our complete breast cancer range, summer blossom cupcake wrappers and fortune cookie inserts.  We will continually add to our free range so make sure you 'like' us on Facebook to keep updated.
Free cupcake wrapper available for download